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DVSC joins Compassion First Pet Hospitals 


DVSC Welcomes Dr. Patti A. Sura


DVSC Welcomes Dr. W. Thomas McNicholas, Jr. 


Dr. Bill Liska Joins the DVSC Total Hip Replacement Team


 DVSC On WFAA Channel 8


DVSC Welcomes Dr. Angel M. Thompson and Dr. Benjamin J. Bayer


Dr. Joanne Franks was interviewed for the DVSC’s expert surgical work in saving a dog who had been shot in the face.


Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center is now on Facebook!

DVSC-Facebook-WelcomeHello fans of the DVSC! We have just created a DVSC Facebook page. If you search Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center you will find it under the pages section. Please feel free to check it out and “like” it as well. It is a work in progress but we have more interesting posts soon to come.

Visit: our Facebook page