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Regular appointments for new clients

Client checks in at the front desk

Once your primary care veterinarian has referred you to our hospital, you may call to schedule an appointment. We will ask for you and your pet’s basic information, as well as a brief description of your pet’s medical condition. Generally, we are able to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons within one week.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm. We allot 45 minutes for the initial consultation.

Emergency appointments for new clients

Emergency appointments are made by referral only. If you think your pet is in crisis, please contact your primary care veterinarian. They will facilitate an emergency appointment with the DVSC. Whenever possible, we offer same-day surgery. If your pet’s surgery is not an emergency, we might need to schedule it for a later date.

After-hours admission

We have a surgeon and technician on call for emergency surgical care and consultation. Our referring and emergency clinic veterinarians have a DVSC pager number to contact us around the clock.


The doctor will obtain a thorough history, perform a complete physical examination, answer questions, and discuss diagnostic and treatment options. In addition, an estimate of charges will be presented. Many common diagnostic tests and some procedures and treatments can be completed during your consultation, while others may be scheduled for a later date.


Some pets will require periodic recheck appointments at the DVSC following their initial surgery. This is especially true for pets requiring orthopedic surgery, such as a torn cruciate ligament (CCL) or repair of a broken bone. Please remember that the cost of recheck visits is not included in the original estimate for surgery. If rechecks are required, we will let you know.